Biscuit Waffles

28 Nov

This past weekend, my friend Diana posted a picture of a can of refrigerated cinnamon rolls that she had cooked on her waffle maker, then put the icing on top.  They looked like this.

Yum, right?!?  She just put the cinnamon roll dough on her waffle maker, 2 at a time, and each set cooked about 2 minutes each.  Big time savings over using the oven!  Plus, this is a fun presentation as waffles.  My kids love waffles!  So, I had to give this a try.  I only had regular Grands biscuits on hand, so I decided to use those.

First, I put 4 whole biscuits on the waffle maker.

They were way too big on my waffle maker and didn’t cook very evenly.  But, it was like a full size waffle in the end.

So, then I decided to cut each Grands biscuit in half, reshape into a circle, and put on the waffle maker.

This was perfect.  My waffle maker doesn’t lock down, so I did have to hold it down while the biscuits expanded during cooking.  These took only about 5 minutes before they were done.

They tasted like biscuits more than waffles to me, but I like it more for the presentation.  With them this size, they would be perfect to add a round breakfast sausage patty, and maybe some eggs and cheese to make a breakfast sandwich.  I didn’t have any sausage, but I am thinking about picking some up at the store to try it out another time.

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