About Me

My name is Jenny, and I am a stay at home mom to 2 wonderful girls.  Before I became a mommy, I was a mechanical engineer, designing parts for heavy duty diesel engines.  But now, my days are filled with quite a different agenda.  I keep busy doing a variety of things, which is how I came up with the theme of this blog.

Children – Well, I have 2, but I also am involved in child safety  In October 2008, I completed the training to be a Child Passenger Safety Technician, and in April 2011, I became an instructor.  I am very passionate about children being safe in the car and stay up to date to help my friends and my community learn and know about child passenger safety.

Crafts – My artistic abilities are somewhat limited, but I needed a 4th C, and cleaning wasn’t going to be it.  I do clean my house, but not to a point where I want to write about how I do it.  However, I do love finding creative ways to make things with my children, not only to be artsy, but to use it as a learning tool as well. I also recently have started to knit and crochet, which is my newest passion. It has become my new creative outlet, and I love creating new things with yarn.

Cooking – I LOVE to cook!  In fact, that might be an understatement.  I’m not so good at the baking side of things, but cooking delicious meals for my family and friends is one of my favorite things to do.

Coupons – Since I am at home with my children, my contribution to our household income is coupons. I am not an extreme couponer, but I do have stockpiles of certain items and have a binder to organize my coupons. It’s wonderful to see that savings each time at the store and I think everyone can find a way to get some savings.

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