HP Printer Ink and Batteries at Staples

28 Nov

Here are a couple good deals at Staples now through December 3, 2011.

First, they have a Double Double savings on all HP ink. When you spend $50 on HP printer ink in a single transaction, you can get double Staples Rewards.  Normally, the rewards on ink are 10% of the purchase, but with this promotion, it will be 20% of the purchase.  For example, my printer uses number 21 and number 22 cartridges.  Staples sells a 4 pack, 2 of each kind, for $60.99.  Normally, I would only get $6.10 in rewards, which doesn’t meet the $10 minimum to trigger the rewards.  Now, with the 20% rewards, I would get $12.20, which does meet the $10 minimum.  That’s the first Double.  The second Double is that when you recycle old cartridges in that same transaction, you get double the amount back on those.  So, instead of $2, you will get $4 in Staples Rewards for each one.  You can get rewards for up to 10 cartridges in a month, so if you haven’t recycled any yet, and took in 10 when you buy the ink, you will get $40 in rewards!  I think I only have 3 right now, so that would get me $12 in rewards.


Second, you can get 100% back in Staples Rewards on 16 packs of AA or AAA batteries, limit 2 packs.  They are $12.99 each.


Now, I know it’s not cash back, but instead like store credit.  They usually will run good sales on office items, plus, I always have a need for things like paper or the occasional flash drive.  Or, if you combine offers like these and get a lot of rewards at once, you can use them to offset the cost of a larger item, like I did when I got my laptop.  You do still spend the same amount of money , but you have gotten more with that money.  In my case, instead of just a  laptop, I had gotten a laptop, 4 printer ink cartridges, and 2 packs of batteries.

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