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Eyeglasses from Zenni Optical

14 Feb

I know I put this in my Coupon category, and while it isn’t technically a coupon, it is a money saver!

Over the summer, my 2 girls and I all went for eye exams, and found out we all needed eyeglasses. Ouch. Double ouch. Triple ouch to our bank account. I think we all know how much glasses cost, and thankfully we have decent vision insurance that covered most of the cost of a pair of eyeglasses for each of us.

But, knowing how we are, I knew that at some point those pairs would get lost, broken, misplaced, etc. So, I had heard about the website, Zenni Optical, from a few friends, and decided to check it out to see if we could get a few pairs as back ups. They have frames starting as low as $6.95, shipping is $4.95, and they have options for different types of lenses, they have tinted lenses, and they offer clip-on sunglasses as well.

They also have this neat feature where you can upload a picture and “try on” a pair of glasses.

I signed up for their e-mails, and after a few weeks, they had a coupon code for 10% off. I decided on the pair shown above, entered in my prescription, and waited patiently the 2 weeks for them to arrive.

Zenni Optical eyeglasses

These are frame #339627, which are $6.95. I got the free lenses, added anti-reflective coating for $4.95, shipping was $4.95, coupon code gave me 10% off, so my total was $15.66. I wear these out on occasion, but mostly these are in my nightstand for when I want to watch TV or read in my room.

I waited until a promo to order again, which was right after Thanksgiving. This time the promo was buy 2, get 1 free, so I decided to get each of us a pair. We all picked out frames that were $9.95, Katie picked #281125, Sophia picked #297216, and I picked #281221. We got the free lenses, added the $4.95 anti-reflective coating, and shipping was again $4.95. Cost for all three pairs : $34.75. Can’t beat that! We took these on a recent trip so that our nice glasses for school wouldn’t get lost or broken. We all love the pairs we picked out. I’ve also been wearing my pair on a daily basis just because I like them so much.

Our Zenni Optical eyeglasses

We have only worn these minimally, but have held up well so far. They aren’t really fancy, but they are still nice frames and lenses that get the job done – we can see! This is a great, cost-effective way to get glasses, either as a main pair, a back up pair, or a pair or two to wear for different occasions.

Disclaimer: I was not paid or asked to write this, and I have no affiliation with Zenni Optical. I just like to share a good deal when I’ve found one! 

School Supplies!

22 Jul

It’s that time of year again for school to start!  School starts here earlier than what I’m used to, my kids start the first week of August.  I picked up a few things at Staples and Target 2 weeks ago, then last Friday we finished up our shopping.  Both my girls will use the same backpacks and lunch containers from last year since they are still in good condition.  I had spent a little extra on those, so I’m glad they have held up and hopefully will last through this school year too.  Then, on to the list.  Last year, I didn’t get a total on what I spent, mainly because my older daughter’s list was so long, I didn’t really want to know the amount!  This year, I was curious to see how I did with shopping, so I put it all together.  I did my shopping at KMart, Staples, and Target, and I did buy some extra pencils, markers, and crayons for use at home and as supplies at school wear out.

First, let me talk about the savings programs that I used to help get extra savings.

Staples Back to School Savings Pass: You buy the pass for $10, then get 15% off all kinds of supplies, there is a full list here.  You can buy a pass now through 8/31/13, and the pass is valid to use once a day on purchases through 9/21/13.  So, if you are a teacher, have multiple children, or even have an office that you need to stock, this can be a great deal.  Mine has already paid for itself in the savings I got, and I still have 2 months to use it if there are more supplies we need to pick up or just for things for our home office.

Target Cartwheel: This is a new program at Target.  You sign up for a Cartwheel account, then browse through the offers.  There are a lot of school supply related offers right now!  You add offers to your Cartwheel, and you can have more offers available at once when you have friends who are also participating or if you unlock badges.  After you add offers, you can click to redeem your offers and print, or if you have a smartphone, you can download the free Cartwheel app to pull up the bar code on your phone to scan at checkout.  I used it for the first time last week, and I saved $2.20.   Doesn’t seem like a whole lot, but it will add up over time.  The limitation is the number of slots you have for savings, but if you know there are specific things you are going to buy, you can add those for that shopping trip.  For the Cartwheel offers I used, I linked to in the post below.

Target REDcard: 5% back on every day purchases at Target.  Plus, you can link your card to eligible schools, and that school will receive 1% of your REDcard purchases.  So, for the items I got at Target with my REDcard, I saved money and earned money for the school too.

Now, back to my numbers!

2013 School Supplies

Left side box, Katie’s supplies for 2nd grade:

24 #2 pencils (in zipper bag from last year): Staples, $3, minus 15% savings pass,  $2.54
Pencil sharpener: KMart, $1.29
Pink eraser: KMart, $0.60
School box: KMart, $1.49
Crayola 10 count markers: Target, $0.99, minus 5% REDcard savings, $0.94
Crayola 24 count crayons: Target, $0.50, minus 5% REDcard savings, $0.47
Crayola 12 count colored pencils: Staples, $2, minus 15% savings pass, $1.70
Scissors: same from last year
4 glue sticks: Target, $0.30 for 2 pack, minus 5% REDcard savings, $0.57
2 boxes of 160 count Kleenex: KMart, $0.99 each, $1.98
1 bottle of hand soap: Target, $4.49, minus 5% Cartwheel savings and 5% REDcard savings, $4.05
1 container Clorox wipes: Staples, 3 pack for $5, $1.67 each, minus 15% savings pass, $1.42
1 bottle hand sanitizer: Target, $4.04, minus 5% Cartwheel savings and 5% REDcard savings, $3.63
Plastic ruler: KMart, $0.50
12 count package of Expo dry erase markers: Staples, $10, minus 15% savings pass, $8.50
1 package wide ruled paper: KMart, $0.25 (special buy for Shop Your Way Rewards members when you spent $5, which I spent buying the Kleenex and a few other things)
4 plastic 2 pocket folders: Target, $0.50 each, minus 5% Cartwheel savings and 5% REDcard savings, $1.80 total
1 ream colored copy paper: Staples, $10.99, minus 15% savings pass, $9.34
1 ream white copy paper: Staples, $6.99, minus 15% savings pass and $5.99 rebate, FREE!
Total for Katie: $53.88 before savings, $41.07 after savings

Right side box, Sophia’s supplies for Pre-K:

1 inch 3 ring binder: Staples, $2 minus 15% savings pass, $1.70
1 plastic 2 pocket folders: Target, $0.50, minus 5% Cartwheel savings and 5% REDcard savings, $0.45
1 ream white card stock paper (not shown): Amazon, $11.99, used Discover Cashback Bonus dollars to buy, so free to me
1 ream colored copy paper: Staples, $10.99, minus 15% savings pass, $9.34
1 ream white copy paper: Staples, $6.99, minus 15% savings pass and $5.99 rebate, FREE!
1 nap mat and blanket (not shown): Amazon, $14.98, used remaining Discover Cashback Bonus dollars to buy, so $3.74 for me
1 full change of clothes: used playclothes from home, shoes that are starting to wear out for this
1 bottle hand sanitizer: Target, $4.04, minus 5% Cartwheel savings and 5% REDcard savings, $3.63
Crayola 10 count markers: Target, $0.99, minus 5% REDcard savings, $0.94
Crayola 24 count crayons: Target, $0.50, minus 5% REDcard savings, $0.47
Glitter glue: Target, $2.99, minus 5% REDcard savings, $2.84
8 Glue sticks: Staples, $1 for 4 pack, minus 15% savings pass, $1.70
1 container Wet Ones antibacterial hand wipes: Staples, $2.99, minus 15% savings pass, $2.54
1 container Clorox wipes: Staples, 3 pack for $5, $1.67 each, minus 15% savings pass, $1.42
2 boxes of 160 count Kleenex: KMart, $0.99 each, $1.98
1 package baby wipes: Target, $1.64 each, were buy 1, get 1 for $1, minus 5% Cartwheel savings and 5% REDcard savings, $1.19
1 refillable water bottle: Target, $3.99, minus 10% Cartwheel savings and 5% REDcard savings, $2.57
Total for Sophia: $70.24 before savings and credit card rewards, $34.51 after all savings

Total before savings: $124.12
Sales tax, 7.85%: $9.74
Total with tax: $133.86

Total after savings: $75.58
Staples Savings pass: $10
Sales tax, 7.85%: $5.93
Total spent on school supplies: $91.51

My savings: $42.35

Man, more than I thought, but without using the savings programs and my cash back from my credit card I had saved up, it would have been a lot more.  Plus, this total doesn’t really take into account the before sales prices on items either, and the regular price of markers and crayons any other time of year, is 2-3 times more than the prices right now.  I’m pretty happy, considering our list had some higher priced items, like card stock and colored copy paper.  Getting the regular copy paper for free helps balance that out!

So, are you done with school supply shopping?  What great deals did you get?

I know that Staples still has the ream of white multipurpose paper for $1 after rebate.  KMart is having a sale on all Crayola items, and Target has some Crayola items on sale as well.  All have other various cheap items, and probably will continue to have cheap items for the next few weeks.

Note: Most of these sales were only for the week that I purchased, ending on 7/20.  Check your sale ads and stores for current pricing and sales.

Zaycon Events for July 2013

28 Jun

I usually post after an event, but wanted to post before some upcoming events so that you don’t miss out!  They have a number of events going on right now, although some are limited to certain areas.  The best way to know what is coming and available for your area is to create an account and sign up for their e-mails (here is my referral link to sign up) .  They are available now in 20 states!

Here is the list of current events happening:

  • Fresh 93/7 Super Lean Ground Beef
  • Fresh Premium Hickory Smoked Bacon
  • Fresh Strawberries
  • Hot ‘n’ Spicy Buffalo Wings
  • Natural Non-Homogenized Whole Milk
  • Orchard Peaches
  • Fully-Cooked Breaded Chicken Tenders

In my area, the bacon pick up was a little over a week ago.  Next up, is the chicken tenders and buffalo wings, which is mid-July for me.  Then, at the end of the month, the ground beef will be arriving.  I’m not sure yet if we’ll get peaches and strawberries, but I’m hoping that we do!  They sent out a message asking about interest for AZ, but I haven’t heard yet what the results were.

The milk isn’t available widespread yet, but they are doing a milk survey for interest.  You can find all the details on their milk here, and if you are interested, you can sign the petition on the right side to bring the milk to your area.  I signed because I would at least like to try it out.  The price is higher than what I am used to paying, but if it’s good, quality milk, I don’t mind paying more.

Finally, they sent out an e-mail asking about interest in cheddar cheese for Arizona.  If you are in Arizona and would be interested in cheese, I encourage you to fill out the survey.

So far, I have been very pleased with every event through Zaycon Foods, and have enjoyed having a freezer full of meat to pull for meals instead of remembering to get it at the store and catching it when it’s on sale.    I’m hoping that they come back with a seafood event soon, that was the one we really enjoyed, but it’s been a while since they’ve been here with it.  For now, we’re happy with the rest!

Grocery Store Grabs: 6/7/2013

9 Jun

I actually shopped on Friday, but I was busy with my kids yesterday.  They helped me shop this week, so there is a bit more than I usually get.  Some things weren’t on sale, but the price was still good enough to get for dinners I wanted to make this week.  Still lots of good produce deals out there, hopefully it will continue for a few more weeks.

Grocery Store Grabs: 6/7/2013Here is all we got:


2 AZ grown cantaloupe at $0.88/ea = $1.76
5 lb bag of AZ grown red potatoes at 2/$4 = $2
2 6 oz packages of blueberries at buy 1, get 1 free = $2.99
2.14 lb bananas at $0.57/lb = $1.22
1.15 lb Roma tomatoes (not shown) at $0.99
1.62 lb broccoli at $0.99/lb = $1.60
0.69 lb of red delicious apples at $1.59/lb = $1.10
2 Hass avocados at $0.88/ea = $1.76
1.50 lb navel oranges at $0.99/lb = $1.49
1 AZ grown hot house cucumber at $0.99/ea = $0.99
2.34 lb California yellow peaches at $0.99/lb = $2.32
0.71 lb red onion at $1.99/lb = $1.41
2 celery at $0.99/ea = $1.98
3 limes at 3/$1 = $1
1 bunch Romaine lettuce at $0.99/ea = $0.99


1.95 lb bananas at $0.57/lb = $1.11 (I got riper ones at Safeway since the Fry’s bananas were all very green)
2.61 lb red seedless grapes at $0.88/lb = $2.30
0.83 lb of red plums at $1.99/lb = $1.65
1 bunch spinach at $1.39/ea = $1.39
1 bunch cilantro at $0.50/ea = $0.50
1 package whole mushrooms at $1.99/ea = $1.99

Total between 2 stores: $32.54

WAY over budget this week, unfortunately, but, I also broke the #1 rule of deal shopping, never take the spouse and kids that aren’t deal crazy like you!  I also did not buy much last week, just bananas, so this is the make up week.  And, I will probably take it easy next week as well, just get a few things.

Grocery Store Grabs: 6/2/2013

2 Jun

So, I haven’t made it to the store yet, but wanted to make sure to post about some great produce deals this week!  These prices will be effective until Tuesday, June 4.



AZ grown cantaloupe: $0.99/ea
AZ grown honeydew: $2/ea
California yellow peaches: $0.99/lb
AZ grown hot house English cucumbers: $0.99/ea
AZ grown 16oz mini peeled carrots: $0.99/ea
AZ grown red tomatoes on the vine: $0.99/ea
AZ grown red potatoes, 5 lb bag: $2/ea
AZ grown mini seedless watermelon: $1.50/ea
Sweet corn: $0.33/ea
Red cherries: $2.99/lb
Broccoli or Cauliflower: $0.99/lb
Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries or blackberries: $2.50/ea
Organic strawberries or blueberries: $3/ea

Also, the Fry’s milk half gallons are $0.88/ea, with a limit of 4.  Another good deal if you use the fuel points, is that all gift cards you buy will give you 4 times the fuel points.  Kroger family store gift cards are excluded, but there are plenty of gift cards to choose from.  With it being time for graduations and Father’s Day, it’s a great way to get extra points.  Or, if you are working on some home improvement projects, stop in and get one for Lowe’s or Home Depot before you shop to get the fuel points.  Fuel points can be used at Fry’s fuel stations, and select Shell and Circle K locations, and you can save up to $1/gallon (every 100 points earns $0.10 off per gallon) up to 35 gallons in one fill-up.  You can learn more here.



AZ grown cantaloupe: $0.99/ea
Sweet red cherries: $2.47/ea
Jumbo artichokes: $2/ea
Red, orange, or yellow bell peppers: $1.25/ea
Red seedless grapes: $2.99/lb
Large Hass avocados: $0.99/ea
White or yellow corn: $0.33/ea
Large tropical mangoes: $1/ea
Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries or blackberries: $2.99/ea
Peaches and nectarines: $2.99/lb
Roma tomatoes: $0.99/lb
Organic Flavorosa pluots: $2.99/lb
Organic tomatoes on the vine: $1.99/lb
Organic peeled baby carrots, 1 lb bag: $1.50/ea

Safeway has 1 gallon of their Pantry Essentials milk for $1.89, limit of 2.  Also, with summer here, Powerade is $0.49/ea, limit 15, to stock up on to keep hydrated on the hot days.  Safeway is running a promotion for 2 times the gas rewards points on groceries after adding it on your card with the Just for U program.  They are also running a 4 times the points when you buy gift cards as well.  Best part?  They have now expanded the gas rewards here to be not only at Safeway gas stations (which we didn’t have here), but also at select Chevron and Texaco stations.  Glad to be able to finally use some of the gas rewards from shopping at Safeway.  I did notice that the Chevron stations in town had roadside banners for the Safeway gas rewards program.  You can learn more about the program here.

Grocery Store Grabs: 5/10/2013

10 May

Made it to the grocery store today!  This week, I shopped at Safeway, but both stores had some nice produce sales again this week.

Here is what I got at Safeway:

Grocery Store Grabs: 5/10/2013


1.43 lb of bananas (5 bananas) at $0.57/lb = $0.82
1.77 lb of red seedless grapes at $2.99/lb = $5.29
2 avocados at $1/ea = $2
1 cantaloupe at $2.49/ea = $2.49
2 mangoes at $1/ea = $2
2.57 lb red potatoes (AZ grown) at $0.69/lb = $1.77
4 ears of white corn at $0.25/ea = $1
2.39 lb of fuji apples (5 apples) at $1.39/lb = $3.32
1.59 lb of organic on the vine tomatoes (AZ grown) at $1.99/lb = $3.16
1 8-oz package mushrooms at $1.50/ea = $1.50
1 1-lb package mini Persian cucumbers (AZ grown) at $1.99/ea = $1.99

Total: $25.34, $25.78 after tax

The grapes were a bit of a splurge item, they were cheap, but not real cheap, but I really wanted grapes!  I did also get a 18-oz package of blackberries and a 12-oz package of raspberries that were $5 each for my younger daughter who is berry crazy right now.  They also had on sale:

  • 2-lb container of strawberries at $1.99/ea
  • Jumbo navel oranges at $0.99/lb
  • Iceberg lettuce at $1.29/ea
  • Green bell peppers at $1/ea,
  • Golden pineapple at $2.99/ea
  • Jicama at $0.99/ea
  • Green zucchini or yellow squash at $1.49/ea.

Fry’s this week has on sale:

  • Dulcinea mini seedless watermelons at $0.99/ea (great price!)
  • Fuji, gala, red, or golden delicious apples at $0.99/lb
  • Navel oranges at $0.99/lb
  • Hot house English cucumbers (AZ grown) at $0.99/ea
  • 16-oz mini peeled carrots (AZ grown) at $0.99/ea
  • Zucchini squash at $0.99/lb
  • 2 lb bag of mini sweet peppers at $3.99/ea
  • Red seedless grapes at $1.99/lb
  • Strawberries or blackberries at $2.50/ea
  • Organic strawberries at $2.99/ea
  • Organic mangoes at $1.25/ea
  • Organic Hass avocados at $1.25/ea
  • Simple Truth organic baby spinach or spring mix at $3.99/ea

Lots of good deals there too.

All these prices will be good through Tuesday, May 14.

Grocery Store Grabs: 5/7/2013

7 May

Well, unfortunately I didn’t get to the store until today, which is the end of the sale cycle.  I’m hoping to shopping done earlier in the sale next week to share so others can get in on the deals too!  I was a little distracted at the store, so I went a little crazy shopping, but my family was so happy to see all that I got.  I went over my $15-$20 goal, but I did get a variety I liked!  This trip I made to Safeway.

Grocery Store Grabs: 5/7/2013


2.08 lb of bananas (6 bananas) at $0.57/lb = $1.19
1.99 lb of navel oranges (3 oranges) at $0.99/lb = $1.97
3 kiwi at $0.25/ea = $0.75
3 avocados at $0.77/ea = $2.31
2 limes at $.25/ea = $0.50
1 bunch celery at $1.29/ea = $1.29
2.67 lb of cauliflower at $0.99/lb = $2.64
2 bunches of radishes at $0.44/ea = $0.88
2.09 lb sweet onions at $1/lb = $2.09
0.88 lb of broccoli crowns at $0.99/lb = $0.87
0.38 lb of rhubarb at $2.49/lb = $0.95
0.85 lb of tomatillos at $0.99/lb = $0.84
1 package of mushrooms at $1.99/ea = $1.99
2 packages of blackberries at $1.88/ea = $3.76
1 pineapple at $2.99/ea = $2.99

Total: $25.02, $25.46 after tax

Just a bit over my goal, but like I said, I am happy with the variety and looking forward to making meals with it this week.  I think I am most looking forward to making a Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp.  Yum!

Grocery Store Grabs: 4/28/2013

28 Apr

Like the title?  I was trying to keep with my other titles like Basket Breakdown, Farmer’s Market Finds and FarmBox Fresh since I’m hoping to keep this up for at least a few weeks, maybe months.  We’ll see.  I haven’t gotten as much written lately as I would like, but life is busy and so it goes.

Anyway, I am way behind on the grocery sale cycle this week and finally got to at least Fry’s to get my weekly produce.  I took both my girls, which is breaking the number 1 rule of bargain shopping – never take the family.  Why?  My kids think the produce section is like a candy store, and want everything.  And, I have a hard time saying no to fresh produce!  But, with the goal of $15-$20, we didn’t go over too badly.  We did get a great variety of produce, though!

Grocery Store Grabs: 4/28/20131 head of Romaine lettuce at $0.99/ea = $0.99
1 bunch celery at $1.29/ea = $1.29
1 bunch organic carrots at $1.49/ea = $1.49
1.20 lb broccoli at $0.99/lb = $1.19
2.23 lb cauliflower at $1.29/lb = $2.88
2 artichokes at $1/ea = $2
1 cucumber (AZ grown, EuroFresh Farms) at $0.99/ea = $0.99
1 bunch radishes at $0.59/ea = $0.59
1.16 lb of Roma tomatoes (6 tomatoes) at $0.99/lb = $1.15
2.07 lb red seedless grapes at $2.49/lb = $5.15
1 personal seedless watermelon at $1.25/ea = $1.25
1 cantaloupe at $1.99/ea = $1.99
2.53 lb of bananas (8 bananas) at $0.57/lb = $1.44
2.03 lb red delicious apples (6 apples) at $0.99/lb = $2.01
2.15 lb navel oranges (4 oranges) at $0.99/lb = $2.13

Total: $26.54, $27 after tax

The grapes and cauliflower are what made us go over.  However, my older daughter was upset that I was hesitant, so I bought them anyway.  Without those 2 items, I would have been at $18.51, $18.83 after tax.  I also picked up some more shredded and sliced cheese at $1.88 and $1.99 per package, respectively.

Other produce sales from the Fry’s ad include, 1 lb baby carrots at $0.99/ea, iceberg, red or green leaf lettuce at $0.99/ea, asparagus at $2.99/lb, 1 lb strawberries, 8 oz blackberries, or 8 oz blueberries at $2.50/ea, 1 lb organic strawberries at $2.99/ea, and organic 5-9 oz salad blends at $2.99/ea.  I haven’t been to Safeway, but from their ad, they have 1 lb strawberries at $0.99/ea, red delicious or Gala apples at $0.99/lb, sweet white corn at $0.50/ea, red or black seedless grapes at $2.99/lb, red, orange, or yellow peppers at $1.25/ea, red or ataulfo mangoes at $1/ea, red or russet potatoes at $0.99/lb, Hass avocados at $1/ea, red seedless watermelon, locally grown 1 lb bag of baby-cut carrots at $1.50/ea, locally grown tomatoes on the vine at $1.99/lb, and locally grown 1 lb bag mini Persian cucumbers at $1.99/ea.  I may have to make a stop at Safeway to pick up a few of the produce deals there.

Navigating the Produce Section

17 Apr

I have been stretching our grocery budget for a few years now. First thing to know for southeast AZ is that grocery store prices are very competitive. There are a lot of sales and the prices on some things are pretty reasonable, including produce.  Second thing to know is that the sale cycle typically runs Wednesday through Tuesday.  Finally, make sure to you have a store shopping card to get the sale prices.

Here, we have a handful of places to find produce, the commissary on Ft. Huachuca, Walmart, Target, Food City, Fry’s, and Safeway.  I’ve found quality-wise, my favorites are Fry’s and Safeway for produce.  Plus, they have a wide selection, especially at Fry’s.  Food City, Fry’s, and Safeway put out an ad weekly in the newspaper to tell you some of the sales, then in store there are usually some unadvertised sales as well.

Now that I’m busy with other things on Saturday and not participating in Bountiful Baskets as often, I’ve started building my own basket in the produce section at the grocery store to get my produce for the week.  My goal was to stay between $15-$20, and get a variety of both fruits and vegetables.  Last week was my first try at it, and I chose Safeway.  Here is how I did:

Safeway trip 4/12/2013

2.26 lbs of bananas (6 bananas) at $0.57/lb = $1.29
1.93 lb navel oranges (3 oranges) at $0.99/lb = $1.91
3 avocados at $1/ea = $3
2 mangoes at $1/ea = $2
2 cucumbers at $0.79/ea = $1.58
1.72 lb fuji apples (4 apples) at $1.39/lb = $2.39
0.78 lb broccoli crowns at $0.99/lb = $0.77
1 package whole mushrooms at $1.99/ea = $1.99
5 lbs russet potatoes at $2.49/ea = $2.49
4 lbs strawberries at $0.99/ea = $3.96
2 lbs baby carrots (from an AZ farm) at $1.99/ea = $1.99

Total: $23.37, $23.78 after tax

Not bad for my first try.  If you take out the extra 3 lbs of strawberries, I’m just above $20 ($20.40 to be exact).  Since the strawberries were cheap, I stocked up to put in the freezer for smoothies over the summer.  The avocados have already been made into guacamole, the carrots and broccoli are for my daughter’s lunches.  The cucumbers I will make into dill pickles, and the  mushrooms and potatoes, possibly some baby carrots too, will go with a roast in the slow cooker.  The oranges will get juiced with some grapefruit and minneolas I already have, the apples will be snacks, and the mangoes and strawberries will be blended into smoothies.

That was all from last week’s ad, so now that it is Wednesday, there is a new ad.  Today, a friend and I went to Fry’s and Safeway to see what we could put together with this week’s sales.

Let’s start at Fry’s.

Fry's trip 4/17/20131.32 lb broccoli at $0.99/lb = $1.31
1 green leaf lettuce at $.99/ea = $0.99
1 celery at $1.29/ea = $1.29
1.21 lb Roma tomatoes (6 tomatoes) at $0.99/ea = $1.20
0.96 lb jicama at $1.49/lb = $1.43
1 seedless watermelon at $2.99/ea = $2.99
1 lb baby carrots (from an AZ farm) at $0.99/ea = $0.99
1.68 lb navel oranges (3 oranges) at $0.99/lb = $1.66
2.13 lb gala apples (6 apples) at $0.99/lb = $2.11
2.02 lb bananas (5 bananas) at $.57/lb = $1.15
1 80z container blackberries at $1.50/ea = $1.50
1 1 lb container strawberries at $1.50/ea = $1.50

Total: $18.12, $18.43 after sales tax

I did better this round, and I think I got a nice variety of produce.  I also picked up more strawberries, because this week they have a 4 lb container of strawberries for $3.49 (limit of 2).  That’s less than $1/lb, which is a great stock up price!  Frozen strawberries aren’t quite the same as fresh, but they still make great smoothies and frozen lemon or lime-ade for summer.  There are also other varieties of apples (fuji, red or golden delicious) for $0.99/lb, as well as other varieties of lettuce for $0.99/each (iceberg, Romaine, or red leaf).  Zucchini and yellow squash is also $0.99/lb, but I’m already stocked well on that from Market on the Move (a new event in the area I have on the list to write about).

Next, we headed to Safeway to check out the deals there.  This one was a little tougher, the sales weren’t as good as Fry’s, but we still came out pretty well.

Safeway trip 4/17/20131.93 lb bananas (6 bananas) at $0.57/lb = $1.10
1.67 lb navel oranges (2 oranges) at $0.77/lb = $1.29
2 avocados at $1/ea = $2
2 cantaloupes at $1.50/ea = $3
1 lb asparagus at $0.99/lb = $0.99
1.84 lb fuji apples at $1.39/lb = $2.56
1 pineapple at $2.99/ea = $2.99
0.95 lb broccoli crowns at $0.99/lb = $0.94
1.11 lb sweet potatoes (2 sweet potatoes) at $0.99/lb = $1.10
2 lb bag carrots (from an AZ farm) at $1.29/ea = $1.29
(Celery was accidentally in the picture, forgot to move it after the Fry’s trip picture!)

Total: $17.26, $17.56 after tax

Other items on sale include mangoes for $1/ea, 1 lb strawberries for $2.99, red seedless grapes for $2.99/ea, artichokes for $2.49/ea, grape tomatoes for $2/ea, red or green bell peppers for $0.99/ea, russet potatoes for $0.99/lb, organic red delicious or fuji apples for $1.49/lb, organic tomatoes on the vine for $2.69/lb, and organic mini watermelon for $4.69/ea.  So, there are a few things you could swap out and still get the same total at the end.

So, today, I stayed in the original goal of $15-$20, and I was able to make it a part of my weekly trip to the store to get my other basics, milk ($1.79 a gallon at both Fry’s and Safeway), eggs ($1.50/dozen at Fry’s) and cheese ($1.99 for sliced, $1.88 for shredded and blocks).  Fry’s also has a Mega Sale right now where select items you get $5 off each set of 5 items you buy, mix and match on the deals.  If you choose to shop at Safeway, they also have a deal today though Sunday that you get $10 reward coupon when you spend $75 or more in a single transaction.  Make sure to sign up for just for U at Safeway to get coupons loaded onto your card for more savings.

Cinnamon French Toast

3 Feb

Cinnamon French Toast


I love French toast, but it’s not something I make all too often.  My husband had bought a loaf of artisan French bread for $0.99 at Safeway, one of our Just for U personalized deals on our Club Card.  Usually, we just have the bread with butter with our dinner, but since I have the new electric griddle, I decided to try it out making French toast today.  It was perfect to get all the slices on at once and to cook them all evenly:

Electric griddle with French toast cooking

It’s been a while since I’ve made French toast, so I looked up a few recipes and came up with this combination.  I put a little powdered sugar on top, and served it with cut strawberries and bananas.  My older daughter thought it was beautiful!  And delicious.


Cinnamon French Toast

What you need:

8 slices of bread, preferably French bread cut 1/2″ – 1″ thick
1 cup milk or half and half
3 large eggs
2 tablespoons honey, warmed in microwave about 20 seconds
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract

How to make it:

In a bowl, whisk together, milk, eggs, honey, cinnamon, and vanilla extract.  Pour mixture into a pie pan.

Dip each slice of bread in the mixture, allowing both sides of bread to soak for a few seconds.  Place each slice in a skillet or on an electric griddle and cook until golden brown on each side, about 2-3 minutes for each side.  Serve with powdered sugar, syrup, and fresh fruit, if desired.

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