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Weekly Meal Plan: 4/1/2012 – 4/7/2012

3 Apr

Here is what I will be making this week, subject to change at any time:


Sunday: Schwan’s frozen 6 cheese tortellini with meat sauce

Monday: Bierock Casserole

Tuesday: Italian Crescent Zucchini Pie, using zucchini, onion, fresh basil, fresh oregano

Wednesday: Eggplant Lasagna, using eggplant, mushrooms, onion, and basil

Thursday:  Lemon Chicken & Potatoes, Asparagus

Friday: Grilled shrimp and asparagus

Saturday: Takeout

Weekly Meal Plan: 3/25/2012 – 3/31/2012

28 Mar

Better late then never, right!

Sunday: Chicken and Green Chile Enchiladas, used green chiles, green onion, and small corn tortillas from Bountiful Baskets

Monday: Ultimate Chicken Fingers, using Zaycon Foods chicken, and Green Beans with Cherry Tomatoes, using green beans and cherry tomatoes from Bountiful Baskets

Tuesday: Grilled 1/3 lb burgers, using Zaycon Foods ground beef, topped with Romaine lettuce from Bountiful Baskets and feta cheese, grilled asparagus from Bountiful Baskets, and Crash Hot Potatoes, using butter gold potatoes from Bountiful Baskets

Wednesday: Pizza

Thursday: Pasta with meat sauce

Friday: Crunchy Cod, Roasted asparagus

Saturday: Not sure yet…

Weekly Meal Plan: 3/18/2012 – 3/24/2012

20 Mar

After taking last week off, I am flooded with food and produce!  Time to start getting through it all!  Hopefully, I can stick to it, I’m not feeling the greatest, so I’m not real motivated to cook.

Sunday: Leftover Slow Cooker Corned Beef & Cabbage (recipe coming)

Monday: Teriyaki Chicken and Vegetable Stir Fry, using asparagus, Bok choy, carrots, water chestnuts, and green onions from Bountiful Baskets

Tuesday: Roast beef and swiss melts on sourdough bread and Copycat Olive Garden Zuppa Toscana, using potatoes, onion, kale, and savoy salad from Bountiful Baskets

Wednesday: Grill out Zaycon Foods hot dogs and German sausage, Twice Baked Cauliflower

Thursday: Chicken and Green Chile Enchiladas, using green chiles and corn tortillas from Bountiful Baskets

Friday: Fish Tacos with avocado cream sauce, using Zaycon Foods cod, avocados and onion from Bountiful Baskets

Saturday: Take out

I’ll also be making Salsa Roja and Salsa Verde with the produce in the Mexican themed veggie pack to enjoy with homemade corn tortilla chips (I have part of the chip pack I got a while back in the freezer).  Oh, and I will be making some breakfast burritos with breakfast sausage, potatoes, Poblano peppers, scrambled eggs, cheese, and large flour tortillas.

Weekly Meal Plan: 3/4/2012 – 3/10/12

5 Mar

Here is what I am planning on making this week!

Sunday: Wasn’t feeling well, so we had sandwiches/wraps for dinner

Monday: Kotopoulo Lemonato and Roasted Brussels Sprouts.  Whole chickens were $.77/lb at Fry’s this week, so I picked up 2, I will make one tonight and the other will go in the freezer for another time.  I will use the bones to make Homemade Chicken Broth in the slow cooker again, most likely will go into the freezer for a meal another time.

Tuesday: Cauliflower crust pizza, with Spinach Basil Pesto, topped with spinach, feta, red onion, black olives, and mozzarella cheese

Wednesday: Top sirloin steaks we got from the Farmer’s Market, Twice Baked Cauliflower

Thursday: Not sure yet..

Friday: Baked Crunchy Cod, rice, steamed broccoli

Saturday: Out to dinner with my parents

Weekly Meal Plan: 2/26/12 – 3/3/12

3 Mar

Well, I never got around to getting up my weekly meal plan for last week.  I’ve had a bad migraine all week, so I have been limited in the amount of time I can take looking at the computer screen.  I’m feeling somewhat better today, so hopefully next week’s meal plan will be posted before the week is over!  So, here is what we did have:


Sunday: Shrimp and Broccoli Alfredo

Monday: Lemon Herb Chicken, Broccoli Cheddar Cheese Soup

Tuesday: Salmon, Yellow Squash Casserole

Wednesday: Leftovers/On Your Own Night

Thursday: Classic Margherita Pizza with Sausage

Friday: Garlic Butter Shrimp over rice, Broccoli, Cheddar Garlic Biscuits

Saturday: Italian Crescent Zucchini Pie

Weekly Meal Plan: 2/19/2012 – 2/25/2012

21 Feb

I’m a little behind with putting up this week’s meal plan!  I’ve been focused on some finances, so I haven’t had much time to think about food!  Here is what I have made/will be making:

Keftedes (Greek fried meatballs), Jerusalem Artichoke and Potato Au Gratin

Frozen tortellini with meat sauce, steamed asparagus

Lemon Herb Chicken using fresh herbs from the Italian themed veggie pack, Roasted asparagus

Broccoli Cheddar Cheese Soup with Homemade Chicken Broth


Something with eggplant, zucchini, and yellow squash

Shrimp Linguine Alfredo, green beans

Weekly Meal Plan: 2/12/12 – 2/18/12

13 Feb

Here is what I am planning so far:

Sunday (last night): Bird’s Eye Voila! frozen meal

Egg rolls and fried rice
Lemon chicken and potatoes with Greek Salsa (whole chickens were on sale $.98/lb at Fry’s!)
Homemade pizzas, large one with cauliflower crust, smaller ones with eggplant crust
Grilled burgers and asparagus
Some kind of pasta and sauce, yet to be determined
Take out night

Weekly Meal Plan: 2/5/2012 – 2/11/12

6 Feb

This week is still a work in process as far as a meal plan.  I’ve been busy with some other commitments, so I haven’t been able to really sit down and plan.  Here is what I have so far:

Sunday: Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken for pizza and sandwiches
Monday: Schwan’s Beer Battered Alaska Cod, Oven Baked Potato Chips, Cole Slaw (see picture below, it was yummy!)

Tuesday: Cheesy Spinach Burgers, Crash Hot Potatoes
Wednesday: Eat out with a friend
Thursday: Lemon Herb Chicken, Asparagus, Guacamole Turkey and Roast Beef Wraps
Friday: ???, Spinach Lasagna Rollups
Saturday: Pizza, Grilled Steak, Oven Baked Potato Chips, Grilled Asparagus

Weekly Meal Plan: 1/29/2012 – 2/4/2012

29 Jan

I got lots of yummy things this week in Bountiful Baskets, now to use them all!  Here is what I have planned to far:


Slow Cooker Chicken & Noodles, using carrots, onion, and celery (in the slow cooker right now, smells so good!)

Lemon Chicken and Vegetables over rice.  Vegetables will include bok choy, carrots, green onion, water chestnuts, asparagus

Buffalo Chicken Pizza & Sandwiches

Ground Beef & Cabbage Stew, using cabbage, onions, carrots, and potatoes

Slow Cooker Cabbage Rolls, using cabbage and onions

Some kind of dish with eggplant, zucchini, and tomatoes, possibly with pasta


I will also be making a Chinese Napa Cabbage Salad to go with our lunches, possibly some Egg Rolls, depending on how many veggies I have left.

Weekly Meal Plan: 1/22/12 – 1/28/12

23 Jan

I’m struggling with a meal plan this week.  I have a couple things, but not sure what to fill in for the rest yet.  I at least wanted to post what I have so far, then I will come back and add in what else I come up with later.  The ones I know are carryover from last week that I didn’t get to make because I ended up making Spinach-Turkey Bacon Shells & Cheese one night and Frikadellen and mashed potatoes another.

Balsamic Bruschetta and Garlic Herb Chicken with Broccoli and Cauliflower (made last night, very good)

Sausage Florentine Pizza with homemade pizza sauce

Grilled steaks, baked potatoes, and some kind of veggie, maybe green bean casserole

Orange Chicken & Broccoli over rice

Eat out using a gift card from Christmas

And 2 more nights I’ll figure out how to fill up somehow!

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