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Staples HP Ink and Batteries Deals Continue!

5 Dec

Last week, I had posted about 2 Staples promotions, one for HP ink and one for batteries.  This week’s ad features the same deals, so if you weren’t able to make it last week, you can go in this week, through December 10, and still do the deals.

Here is the link to the post with the details: HP Printer Ink and Batteries at Staples

HP Printer Ink and Batteries at Staples

28 Nov

Here are a couple good deals at Staples now through December 3, 2011.

First, they have a Double Double savings on all HP ink. When you spend $50 on HP printer ink in a single transaction, you can get double Staples Rewards.  Normally, the rewards on ink are 10% of the purchase, but with this promotion, it will be 20% of the purchase.  For example, my printer uses number 21 and number 22 cartridges.  Staples sells a 4 pack, 2 of each kind, for $60.99.  Normally, I would only get $6.10 in rewards, which doesn’t meet the $10 minimum to trigger the rewards.  Now, with the 20% rewards, I would get $12.20, which does meet the $10 minimum.  That’s the first Double.  The second Double is that when you recycle old cartridges in that same transaction, you get double the amount back on those.  So, instead of $2, you will get $4 in Staples Rewards for each one.  You can get rewards for up to 10 cartridges in a month, so if you haven’t recycled any yet, and took in 10 when you buy the ink, you will get $40 in rewards!  I think I only have 3 right now, so that would get me $12 in rewards.


Second, you can get 100% back in Staples Rewards on 16 packs of AA or AAA batteries, limit 2 packs.  They are $12.99 each.


Now, I know it’s not cash back, but instead like store credit.  They usually will run good sales on office items, plus, I always have a need for things like paper or the occasional flash drive.  Or, if you combine offers like these and get a lot of rewards at once, you can use them to offset the cost of a larger item, like I did when I got my laptop.  You do still spend the same amount of money , but you have gotten more with that money.  In my case, instead of just a  laptop, I had gotten a laptop, 4 printer ink cartridges, and 2 packs of batteries.

Staples Rewards on Batteries

19 Oct

Do you do Staples Rewards?  I do, so that I get money back for recycling my ink cartridges, plus I usually get nice deals on buying ink there.  Recently, I had earned $50 in rewards, which I was able to use toward the purchase of my new laptop.  It’s worth looking into as there is no cost to join.

Now through 10/29/11, Staples is giving 100% back in Staples Rewards on certain packs of AA and AAA batteries.  So, you may want to check you local Staples ad to see if your store is participating in this.  Yes, I know they aren’t technically free because you buy them, then have rewards to use in store instead of cash, but this is a case where you get more for your money.  I will most likely use the rewards from my battery purchase to buy printer ink.  So, for the price of printer ink, I get the printer ink plus 2 packages of batteries.  We seem to go through AA batteries so fast in this house, a lot of our toys and gadgets need them.  In fact, we were completely out of AA batteries this week, so this promotion was perfectly timed.

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