Staples Rewards on Batteries

19 Oct

Do you do Staples Rewards?  I do, so that I get money back for recycling my ink cartridges, plus I usually get nice deals on buying ink there.  Recently, I had earned $50 in rewards, which I was able to use toward the purchase of my new laptop.  It’s worth looking into as there is no cost to join.

Now through 10/29/11, Staples is giving 100% back in Staples Rewards on certain packs of AA and AAA batteries.  So, you may want to check you local Staples ad to see if your store is participating in this.  Yes, I know they aren’t technically free because you buy them, then have rewards to use in store instead of cash, but this is a case where you get more for your money.  I will most likely use the rewards from my battery purchase to buy printer ink.  So, for the price of printer ink, I get the printer ink plus 2 packages of batteries.  We seem to go through AA batteries so fast in this house, a lot of our toys and gadgets need them.  In fact, we were completely out of AA batteries this week, so this promotion was perfectly timed.

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