PVC Bike and Kid Wash

20 Nov

It’s been a while since I made this, but I wanted to make sure to still share it.  After making the PVC bike rack, which has been awesome to have in the garage to keep the bikes organized, I wanted to make something else.  A friend of mine had found this project, a Kid’s Car Wash Sprinkler, on the Lowe’s website.  After looking over the plans, I made a few changes to use a little less PVC pipe and to not make it quite as big for storage purposes.

bike wash plans


Now, from my original plans, I was not able to locate a grass skirt, so I improvised and used a folded and cut disposable tablecloth from the dollar store.  Here is a picture of how it turned out:

Completed Bike Wash


The kids really enjoyed it!  My water feature part wasn’t quite perfect.  I don’t think the front section got completely sealed off, so water was flowing throughout the entire system instead of just the section with the holes drilled in.  That made the water pressure a little low, but, it was still enough to get the kids wet!  The hose I got was just long enough to make it to my sidewalk, thankfully.  I only used PVC cement in the section for the water, so the rest can come apart and go back together for storage or transport.

Since it does come apart, now that it’s cooled off and too cold to get soaking wet, I made a slight modification for the current weather:

Bubble wash


I removed the water section, and just used the part with the tablecloth and sponges.  Then, I put our bubble machine in front to have bubbles in place of the water.  This way, we get use out of it more of the year, even in the more mild weather in AZ.

I overbought on PVC pipe on this last project, so I have some in my garage, just waiting for the next project.  Let’s see what I can make next!

Note: Prices of supplies may vary by where you decide to shop.  I provided the prices just as a rough estimate for the project cost.

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