Free Christmas Fun for the Kids

3 Dec

If you celebrate Christmas with Santa, there are some fun, free online activities you can do for your kids.

Portable North Pole: Here, you can create a personalized video for your child from Santa.  You can enter their name for him to say, and for my kids, when they heard Santa say their name, their eyes lit up!  You can also decide if they are on the nice or naughty list, put in pictures so children can see their entry in Santa’s nice or naughty list,  and add in a specific toy on their list.


Elf Yourself: You enter pictures of your family and/or friends that are placed on elf bodies that dance around to your choice of music.  The first year I did this, my oldest was almost 1, and she wanted to watch it non-stop.  Then, there was only 1 dance to choose, but now there are 9 dances to choose from.


NORAD Santa Countdown and Tracker: Every year, NORAD has a Santa tracker, where you can track Santa’s location on Christmas eve as he flies around the world.  They now have added to this by having some information about some of the cities Santa travels to, so you learn along the way too.  They have also added the Countdown Village, where a new game/activity opens up each day until Christmas.  My oldest and I have had a lot of fun with the games available so far.

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