Christmas Card Ornament Ball

31 Dec



Looking for something to do with all those Christmas cards you got this year?  This is a great way to re-use them, plus it’s an activity you can get your kids to help you with.  I remember making these quite often as a kid, in all different sizes.  Smaller ones you can hang on the tree, larger ones you can hang from a light, fireplace, entryway, or anywhere you want to decorate.  I did these with my kids on New Year’s Eve and once we hung it, it reminded me of the ball that drops in New York each year.  We used a can as our template for the circles, then I cut a triangle from a piece of cardboard.  I did find a great template online for this activity that could be used as well.  My 5-year-old helped with the cutting, and my 2-year-old helped a little too.  We also assembled them using staples to save some time and mess, and both of them helped with the stapling.

Christmas Card Ornament Ball

What you need:

Decorated half of Christmas cards
Circle and triangle template
Glue, tape, or staples

How to make it:

Trace and cut 20 circles from the Christmas cards.

Put triangle in middle of circle and fold the circle over the edges of the triangle.

Glue, tape, or staple 5 circles together at the folded sides, all with a point of the triangle pointing up, to form the top.  Repeat with 5 more for the bottom.  Glue, tape, or staple the remaining 10 circles to form a line of the folded circles, alternating point up, point down.

Attach the top to the folded edges along the top side of the line of circles.  Attach the bottom to the folded edges along the bottom side of the line of circles.  You should now have a complete ball.

Punch a hole through one of the folded sides and put a string or thread through, then tie so you can hang it up.

2 Responses to “Christmas Card Ornament Ball”

  1. Barb Adkins January 4, 2012 at 9:01 am #

    I visited a lady with my parents when I was a child and she made these ornaments out of her christmas cards that she had recieved. I have been looking for years for this craft and appartently in all the wrong places until today…I finally found the christmas card ornament craft. My grandchildren will have great fun with this craft.

    Thank you,


    • Jenny January 4, 2012 at 8:04 pm #

      How awesome! It had been so long since I had made one that I had to look up how to do it, and I’m glad I found that nice template to use for difference sizes. Enjoy making them with your grandchildren!


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