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Zaycon Foods Ground Beef, German Sausage, and All Beef Hot Dogs

18 Mar


Last month, I bought seafood from a Zaycon Foods event, and have been very pleased with the process and quality of the seafood.  So, when the opportunity came to get 93/7 ground beef, German sausage, and all beef hot dogs I went for it.  In the picture above, the German sausage is top left, all beef hot dogs top right, and the 2 big chubs are the ground beef.

This time the units available were:

– 40 pounds 93/7 lean ground beef at $2.99 per pound
– 10 pounds German sausage at $2.99 per pound (approximately 50 per box)
– 10 pounds all beef hot dogs at $2.99 per pound (approximately 50 per box)

I split the order with a friend of mine, so my share was 20 pounds ground beef, 5 pounds German sausage, and 5 pounds all beef hot dogs.  The ground beef ended up being only 38 pounds, and my part was just over 19 pounds, so I will get a credit for the 2 pounds not in the box.  The German sausage had 49 pieces, so we split it 24 for me, 25 for her. The hot dog box had 51 pieces, so 26 for me, 25 for her.

I recently got a Foodsaver from a friend of mine that she was no longer using (thank you Rebecca!), so I put it to use for the first time for this meat order to package it all for the freezer.  For the German sausage and hot dogs, I put 4 pieces in a quart size bag (1 bag of hot dogs had 6) and vacuum sealed them.


Next, I worked on the ground beef.  I weighed out 1 pound sections using my food scale, then again used quart sized bags to vacuum seal it.  I also used some of the beef to make bags of 4 patties, each 1/3 pound, to quick thaw for burgers.  I ended up with 14 one pound packages and 5 packages of four, 1/3 pound patties, about 5.3 pounds total.


It was a bit of work, but worth it to have meat ready in the freezer.  This week, I am picking up chicken from Zaycon Foods, and I am working on how I will prepare all of it for the freezer.

Garlic Butter Shrimp

2 Mar

This meal is so easy.  Sometimes, I add some fresh or dried parsley, but decided to skip it this time.  I served this over white rice, but it would be good over wild or brown rice too.  Or, you could serve it over pasta of your choice.  I’ve served it over angel hair pasta, and they went really well together.  A vegetable like broccoli, asparagus, or green beans goes well with this.

Garlic Butter Shrimp
Recipe found here

What you need:

1 pound uncooked medium shrimp, peeled and deveined, tails removed
2 cloves garlic cloves, minced
1/4 cup butter
3 tablespoons lemon juice
1 tablespoon dried parsley, optional (or 2 tablespoons fresh parsley, chopped)
Hot cooked rice, about 2 cups

How to make it:

In a large skillet, saute the shrimp and garlic in butter for 5 minutes or until shrimp turn pink. Add the lemon juice and parsley, if using; heat through. Serve with rice.

Zaycon Foods Salmon

28 Feb


Tonight we tried out the Zaycon Foods salmon we recently bought.  It was very, very good salmon, better than any I have bought in the store.  I first cut the salmon fillet into 5 smaller pieces.  Then, I sprayed them with olive oil, and sprinkled with garlic salt and lemon pepper seasoning.


Then, I heated up our George Foreman grill and cooked the pieces.  It doesn’t take long until they are done.  We all enjoyed this salmon, even my kids!  I’m thinking about how I will make the next one.

Shrimp & Broccoli Alfredo

26 Feb

Tonight I used the first of the Zaycon Foods seafood that I got recently, 1 pound of the white shrimp.  The shrimp is deveined and fully cooked, so I just thawed it by running cold water over it, then removed the tails.  I made some Alfredo Sauce using fresh garlic and parsley from the Italian themed veggie pack from Bountiful Baskets, added in the shrimp at the end, along with some broccoli from Bountiful Baskets that I had steamed.  It was very good.  The shrimp was very tasty, nice large, quality shrimp.  I served it over thin spaghetti, but the shrimp and broccoli with sauce was enough to eat just on its own, without noodles.  I will probably try a Garlic Butter Shrimp next, or maybe something with the cod.  So nice to have some seafood in the freezer to use for meals!

Zaycon Foods Seafood

22 Feb

A while back I heard about Zaycon Foods.  They are a company that formed in 2009 to bring fresh meats to customers at wholesale prices.  They do events all over the US.  At the time, they weren’t delivering close enough to make it cost effective for me, so it fell off my radar.  In January, they had a boneless, skinless chicken breast and a hickory smoked bacon event that delivered to my area, but I missed out on ordering before it sold out.  Earlier this month, I found out they were having a seafood event.  We love seafood, and they were offering Frozen Alaskan caught Sockeye Salmon Fillets, Frozen Alaskan True Cod Fillets, and White Shrimp.  Each was available as a 20 pound unit.  I found some friends to share the units so that I could get some of each without breaking the bank too much, plus to try it out to see how this process works and find out the quality.

It’s pretty neat how it works.  The day of pick up, they have signs to direct you in to the truck.  You pull up, show them your receipt, they load it in your car.  I wasn’t sure how big the boxes would be, so I made sure I had plenty of room in my car.  Turns out, I was fine.

The boxes of cod were a little beat up, but the fish is all fine.   It was packaged in one large bag in the box, and it seems like each fillet is about 1 pound.  The shrimp was in 2 pound bags, 10 bags total.  The salmon was vacuum sealed in approximately 2 pound fillets, and has skin on one side .

It looks great and I can’t wait to try it out!  I am planning on using some shrimp this week, then will be deciding what to make next.

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