Table Makeover

26 Jun

My friend has been cleaning out and re-decorating her kids’ rooms.  In her daughter’s room, there is a space where she had her doll cars and other doll accessories, and wanted something the cars could slide under and then put things on top.  I had my old coffee table in the garage that had seen much better days, but thought it would be perfect for her need.  I did have to take a couple of pieces off one side for the doll car to fit underneath, but it was still steady enough without those pieces to be used.  The top also had a lot of scratches from my kids playing on it and banging their toys, so we needed to come up with a way to fix the top.  Here are pictures of pieces removed from the one side and the top with the scratches:

Side view of table, with removed  bars from top and bottom Top view of table with scratchesSo, what to do with the top?  I decided it might be fun to get the kids involved.  We used the following supplies:

– 2 16 oz bottles of gloss finish Mod Podge ($7.47 each at Walmart)
– 1 can of Mod Podge gloss clear acrylic sealer ($5.97 at Walmart)
– 1 package of foam brushes, various sizes ($1.50 at Walmart)
– Scraps of paper in various shapes and sizes
– Scissors to cut different shaped edges (optional)

Start with larger pieces of paper.  Spread Mod Podge on the table where you want to place the paper, then press paper down.  Brush over paper with more Mod Podge to keep in place.  Repeat with each piece of paper until table is covered.  Allow to dry.

Cover entire surface with Mod Podge.  Allow to dry.  Repeat this 3-4 more times to get a good seal.

Spray on a couple of layers with the acrylic sealer, allowing to fully dry between each coat.

Our finished result was this:

Table with paper Mod Podged on

And, the table has new life, with a project cost of about $24 after tax!  Once I can get a couple of pictures of the table in her room, I will add in those pictures.

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