Zaycon Foods Breakfast Sausage

21 Mar

Zaycon Foods recently had another pork event, once again bringing their delicious ham, which of course I ordered.  But, this time, there was breakfast sausage instead of bacon.  I’m just about out of bacon, but decided that we east breakfast sausage quite a bit as well, and it’s also something I can use in other dishes as well.

The unit was 20 pounds, and came in 2 10 pound boxes, and came already frozen.  My only complaint in the packaging was that the bag inside the box was not sealed, and I couldn’t repackage right away, so some got freezer burn.  Each sausage link is 1 ounce, and in a casing.  You can find more information on the sausages here.  Also, here is a picture of the label on the side of the box.

Label on Zaycon Foods Breakfast Sausage

So, I counted out 16 sausages to put in bags to vacuum seal.  I found that the pre-cut quart size FoodSaver bags were perfect for this.

Vacuum sealed breakfast sausage links

We have had this sausage a couple of times now.  I used my electric griddle to cook it along with pancakes for breakfast.  It turned out really well, was easy to cook and tastes good too!

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