Fruit Butterfly Snack

11 Mar

My older daughter just got her new Highlights magazine in the mail.  Ah, the memories of Highlights magazines from when I was a kid.  I loved the picture search puzzles the most!  Anyway, the You’re the Chef! section of the April 2013 magazine had Butterfly snacks.  They had a few variations with vegetables (lettuce, carrots, grape tomatoes), cheese (sticks and slices), and bread, but we chose to do the fruit one, using a banana, apple slices, yogurt, and raisins.  Here is how it turned out:

Fruit Butterfly Snack


It’s easy!  Place a banana in the middle of your plate, then cut an apple into slices to make the wings.  Spread some yogurt on the apple slices, then put raisins on top of the yogurt.  You could also use some pretzel sticks for the antennae, but we didn’t have pretzel sticks, so we skipped it.  You could use a variety of fruits here, first that comes to mind is orange slices in place of the apple slices.  You could use mint leaves for the antennae as well.

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