Christmas Traditions: Gingerbread House

24 Dec

The Gingerbread House tradition in our family dates back to 1995.  It was a craft project that my Aunt Paula brought for my cousin, siblings, and I to work on at my grandparents house.  Making a gingerbread house continued throughout the years off and on, sometimes a kit where you had to put the house together with frosting, sometimes a pre-made house that just needed to be decorated.  There have been 2 story houses, houses with an animal barn in back, neighboring houses, and a whole variety of candies and treats used to decorate.  My sister also has quite a gingerbread house and gingerbread man collection of Christmas decorations.

So, this year, we again made a gingerbread house.  My part was to keep my nephew occupied while they worked on the house this year. It turned out really cute, and it’s something my girls look forward to doing each year with their Aunt Kimmy.

S & K working on 2012 Gingerbread House

K & K with the 2012 Gingerbread House



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