Basket Breakdown 7/14/2012

16 Jul

This week I went a little crazy with contributing!  I got the conventional basket for $15, the Bountiful Baskets Granola for $15, the organic 9 grain bread for $12, and the 18 lb case of cherries for $24.

Here is this week’s conventional basket:

We got red corn, cauliflower, tomatoes, kale, radishes, yellow squash, honeydew, peaches, bananas, black velvet apricots (also called pluots), and blueberries.  The blueberries and radishes were gone within an hour of me being home.  I had hoped to maybe make some Radish Dip, but my kids were happy eating all the radishes, so it’s ok.  I may make Yellow Squash Casserole since I have a lot of it now.  I will be making a cauliflower pizza crust again this week.  Not sure about the red corn yet, but I’m sure I’ll come up with something.

Here is how the granola looks.  It’s just as yummy as it looks!  This granola has oats, honey, canola oil, roasted & salted cashews, dates, diced pineapple, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, sliced almonds, and almond & vanilla flavor.


Finally, the case of Washington cherries.  They are so good!  I’ll be freezing most of them, probably make some desserts and maybe try out cherry limeade.



Note: The type and amount of food may vary from another basket because of geographic location and because of variances in how case ends are distributed once everything is distributed evenly. I also volunteered and got an extra item for volunteering.

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