Bountiful Baskets DIY Cookies

17 Feb


For a few different holidays, Bountiful Baskets has a DIY cookie pack available as an extra add-on.  This one was for Valentine’s Day, and was $10.  We finally had time and were feeling well enough to do this.  As you can see from the picture above, we got 15 heart-shaped cookies and 4 containers of frosting, 2 white, 1 pink, and 1 red.

Here is what I like best about these cookies, the ingredient list:

Cookie Ingredients: Flour (cake and pastry), butter, sugar, whole eggs, salt, baking powder, vanilla.
Icing Ingredients: Powdered sugar, milk, butter, vanilla, salt, colors.

Simple, and I know and can pronounce what everything is!   I know that I could make these at home, probably a lot cheaper, but I haven’t had time to make much lately and I’m horrible at baking.  My cookies would not have looked nearly as nice or tasted as nice.  So, we get the cookie pack and my 2 girls and I have a blast making a mess.  It’s good quality time!

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