Persimmon Cookies

20 Nov

I was so excited to get persimmons last week.  Last year, I made cookies with them that were very good, and I wanted to make them again this year.   These cookies are more cake-like, and spiced much like pumpkin cookies.  In fact, my husband thought they were pumpkin.  They are getting eaten, in fact, this picture should have been a full 2 dozen, but as you can see, there are only 18.

First, let’s talk a little about persimmons.   There are 2 varieties common in the US, hachiya and fuyu.  The persimmons I got were fuyu persimmons, which resemble a tomato.  They are ripened when they are orange, and can be eaten raw.  The hachiya can be eaten raw as well, but you have to wait until they are very ripe, or they will be very bitter.  Here are what the fuyu persimmons look like whole, and then I cut them in half each way to show the insides as well.  They are quite interesting on the inside.

To prepare them, you remove the leaves from the top, then remove the peels.  Put them in the blender and puree.  It’s more of a gelatinous puree.

I had 4 persimmons, so I doubled this Persimmon Cookie recipe, but left out the chopped walnuts.  We aren’t big fans of nuts.  They seem to be a big hit in our house again this year!

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