Butterfly Snack Bags

27 Oct

My oldest daughter is turning 5 soon, so she wanted to take in treats to share with her friends at school.  I came across a cute idea on Pinterest that was snack bags that looked like butterflies.  I had snack sized zipper bags, clothespins leftover from some other activities I made, and plenty of pipe cleaners.   Don’t have googly eyes, but decided to use a marker to draw a face.  Then, we needed to pick a snack, so we picked frosted animal cookies to give them a little color.

Here is how I went about making them.  I cut the pipe cleaners into 3 pieces to get the right size for the antenna of the butterfly.  I kept the snack bag sealed and clipped the middle with the clothespin.  Then, I opened each side, put in the cookies, and re-sealed the sides.  Then, I drew eyes and a smile on the clothespin.  I folded a pipe cleaner in half, rolled up each end a little, and cinched it in the clothespin in the hole at the top.  Here is the finished product.


You could decorate the clothespins with paint or markers to spruce it up a little.  But, my almost  year old was pretty impressed with this, especially when I let her help draw the smiley faces.

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