Farmer’s Market Finds: 7/18/2013

18 Jul

Our Farmer’s Market has changed venues!  Last week was the first week, but I was travelling home that day and didn’t get home in time for the market.  However, I was able to make it this week.  Wow!  There were so many vendors and people, it was great to see so much support for the market!   It was a little overwhelming to take it all in, but I managed to narrow it down to a few good finds and then we headed out.

Farmer's Market Finds: 7/18/20133 lb bag of organic Jonamac apples from English Family Orchard in Willcox, $5. They are small, but the perfect snack size for my girls since they take about 5 bites out of the big apples and stop.

2 lbs of leeks and 2 pounds of potatoes from Beatty’s Apple Orchard, $6 total.  I started at only 1 pound, but Dale has been begging for Potato Leek Soup, so we got 2 lbs.  It’s not enough potatoes, but I’ll get more when I head to the grocery store soon.

2 lbs cucumbers, 4 onions, 2 dozen eggs (not pictured), Tea Tree Lemon scented goat milk soap, and Tea Tree Lemon scented lotion from Basic Farm 7, $19.  I should be set on eggs for a while!  The cucumbers I’ll be making into pickles.

Fresh rosemary, $1.  I can’t remember which stand I got it at, but am all out of rosemary, so I’m glad I found it!

Excited to go again next week and see what all I can find!


The Sierra Vista Farmer’s Market is held every Thursday from 10am – 2pm at Veteran’s Memorial Park.  To learn more, you can visit their website here or their Facebook page.  Every week they publish a newsletter with upcoming events and vendors they are expecting at the market that week.

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