Zaycon Foods Hot ‘n Spicy Buffalo Wings

10 Feb

My husband loves wings.  So, when Zaycon Foods listed an event for Hot ‘n Spicy Buffalo Wings, I decided I would order since $2.99 per pound was a decent price.  This isn’t the greatest picture, but here are two of the four 5 pound bags:

Zaycon Foods Hot 'n Spicy Buffalo Wings

They are fully cooked, so really it’s just a matter of heating them up.  I cook them in the oven, at 400 F, for about 15 minutes.  The ingredients, nutritional information and cooking directions can be found here.

They are a little smaller than wings we’ve had dining out, but that’s not a big deal for us.  They really are very tasty, I’d say about a mild or medium.  I have a very low tolerance for spiciness, and I can tolerate these without too much pain.  My husband seems to be enjoying them as well.  I don’t think they will last long at our house!

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