Basket Breakdown 12/1/2012

4 Dec

I haven’t done this in a while!  I actually have a basket picture!  This week, I got the conventional basket, the Mexican themed veggie pack, and the cherry pecan granola.

Here is what we got in the conventional basket:

Conventional Basket 12/1/2012

We got Romaine lettuce, papaya, broccoli, Roma tomatoes, watermelon, rainbow carrots, Hachiya persimmons, fuji apples, mushrooms, cantaloupe, and bananas.  I’ve already peeled and pureed the persimmons, and will be making Persimmon-Cranberry cookies.  Still working on what to do with the papaya.

Mexican themed veggie pack and cherry pecan granola

The Mexican themed veggie pack had tomatillos, dried chipotle peppers, yellow onion, garlic, Mexican grey squash, key limes, avocados, and jalapenos.

The cherry pecan granola is delicious!  The ingredient list is rolled oats, honey, coconut oil, cherries, pecans, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, vanilla, and salt


Note: The type and amount of food may vary from another basket because of geographic location and because of variances in how case ends are distributed once everything is distributed evenly. I also volunteered and got an extra item for volunteering.


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