National Child Passenger Safety Week 2012 Wrap Up

22 Sep

In case you missed it, this week I posted information about car seat safety for children. Here are links to all of the information I posted.

National Child Passenger Safety Week 2012

The Right Seat: Rear-Facing

The Right Seat: Forward-Facing

The Right Seat:  Booster Seats

The Right Seat: Seat Belts

Vehicle crashes continue to be leading cause of death for children ages 1 – 12 in the U.S. Please take the time today to make sure the children in your life have an appropriate car seat for their age, height, and weight, have a car seat that is installed properly and have a car seat that is used properly every time they are in the car. If you aren’t sure, please feel free to ask me any questions you may have or find out if there is a Car Seat Inspection location near you to make an appointment with a certified technician.  If you aren’t able to make it to  a technician, here is a checklist that Safe Kids put together for you to use when checking your child’s car seat.  Another great resource is the forums at  There are many knowledgeable people there, as well as reviews and measurements of various car seats.  Also, please feel free to pass this information along to anyone that would benefit from reading it.

Thank you for reading!

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