FarmBox Fresh: 8/22 and 8/29

30 Aug

I realized I never did post last week, so, I waited until I got yesterday’s box so I could just post them together.

Here is what I got last week:

Watermelon, red potatoes, Gala apples, a lemon cucumber, green leaf lettuce, zucchini, green beans, 1 pound vine ripened tomatoes, and coconut macaroons.  All of this was $28.75.  Coconut macaroons are one of my favorites, and these 3 got eaten in no time!  I made garlic green beans with the green beans, my daughter took sliced lemon cucumber to lunch one day.  The tomatoes I used to make a  tomato mushroom pasta sauce, and the zucchini made Zucchini Chocolate Chip Muffins.  The head of lettuce made a couple of great lunch salads for me.

Here is what I got this week:


I got 2 head of lettuce (yes, I love to make salads!), green beans, big ol’ beef tomato (GREAT addition to grilled cheese or perfect for BLTs), 1 pound red vine ripened tomatoes, white potatoes, dinner rolls, Gala apples, and Barlett pears (apples and pears are from Briggs and Eggers orchard, which is also organic).   One daughter had a pear, the other an apple in their lunches today.  I put the dinner rolls in the freezer, we’ll have those soon, but I didn’t want them to get moldy.  Excited to make green beans again, and the white potatoes are great boiled in salt as a side with dinner.


Note: I order a custom box and choose what I want in my box from their Web Store.  There may be variances in availability on different pick up days.


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