Farmer’s Market Finds – 3/22/2012

22 Mar

I didn’t end up making it to the market last week, but was happy to get to go again this week.  Here is what I got this week:


1 cherry and 1 apple pie, both from Big Skye Bakers.  My daughter was taste testing the cherry one on the way home, that’s why there is a chunk missing.  These were $5 each.  They bake using mesquite flour, and also have some gluten-free options. I may be stopping by there again next week, they had a variety of pies, gluten-free carrot cupcakes, goat cheese quiche, and mesquite jumble cookies that all looked delicious!

The cup is Soft Fresh Goat Cheese, plain with light salt, from Canelo Prairie Dairy.  It was $6.50.  This is a yummy spread, tastes a lot like cream cheese, just made from goat’s milk.  She offered a free sample before I made my purchase, which I gladly tried to make sure I would like it.  I definitely did, and I’m sure this won’t last long!  It’s amazing!

And of course, the honey sticks, 5 for $1!  This week my daughter picked root beer, green apple, and peach for the flavors.

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