Handprint Mardi Gras Masks

18 Feb


Katie’s preschool class was making these when I picked her up on Friday, and she had cut hers wrong, so she didn’t get to finish.  I decided we could make them at home instead!  They were using ribbon for the side, which I didn’t have, so we used strips of construction paper instead.  They also had sequins and jewels, but I don’t have those right now, so we only have glitter on ours.  You could probably add some feathers to the fingers too.  Also, make sure when you lay out their hands, you put them pretty close together.  I did my younger daughter’s mask first, and her eye holes ended up a little too far apart because I didn’t get her hands close enough together.  She still thinks it’s pretty cool, thankfully 3 year olds are easy to please.


Handprint Mardi Gras Masks

What you need:

Yellow construction paper
Green, yellow, and purple ribbons or construction paper strips
Wooden craft stick
Glitter, sequins, feathers to decorate

How to make it:

Have you child lay both hands on the yellow construction paper, with their thumbs overlapping in the middle and their other fingers straight up and spread out.  Trace around their hands, then cut it out.  Cut out 2 holes for eyes.  On one side, glue down the ribbons or paper strips, then the wooden craft stick.  Decorate with  glitter, sequins, feathers, or whatever you have to decorate.

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