Fry’s Mega Sale and Deal of the Day

25 Jan

2 new promotions at Fry’s started today!  These promotions are going on at other Kroger Family stores as well.

First, today through 2/4/2012, there will be a Deal of the Day coupon that will be available for you to download onto your VIP card.   Click on the picture above to link to find the Deal of the Day coupon.

Second, today through 2/7/2012 will be a Mega Sale.  If you aren’t familiar with a Fry’s Mega sale, it works like this: you buy a certain number of participating products, you get a certain amount of your total.  So, in this sale, the amount of participating items you buy is 10, then you get $5 off your total.  You don’t have to buy 10 of the same item (although you can), you can mix and match participating items.  You can buy more than 10 items, but it must be in multiples of 10, so 10, 20, 30, 40, etc, and you will get $5 off for each multiple of 10.  So, $5 off with 10 items, $10 off with 20 items, $15 off with 30 items, and so on.  A while back, I created and shared a Savings Event Spreadsheet.  I would recommend downloading it from Google documents for use in Excel so it will work and print correctly.  This will help you plan a grocery store trip for the Mega Sale.  For this current sale, you will use the Buy 10 Event tab, and as you can see, it has sections numbered 1 to 10.  For the Event Savings, you will enter $.50 for each item ($5 divided by 10 items is $.50 per item).  For the Event Sale Price, you will enter the price after the savings are taken out, so if something is on sale for $1.49, then is $.99 after sale savings, you will enter $.99 in this column.  This is so you can make sure you get multiples of 10 and so you can see roughly how much you will be spending (before tax, of course).  A couple other tips for shopping a Mega Sale:

– Try to shop in the early in the morning or late at night when the store isn’t so crowded.  You will be able to focus on keeping track of your count.

– If you can, use the self check out to keep track of your count.  Every participating item will have a [+] next to it, so you know that you got the right item.  Also, after you scan in 10 items, you can click “Pay Now” and if you did get 10, it will take off the $5, then you can click Go Back to continue scanning the next 10 items.

– Don’t try to do too many sets at once.  If you want to use this as an opportunity to stock up on the sale items, don’t try to do it all at once.  Plan multiple trips, if you can.

– Look for a cheap item in the sale you can use as a back up filler.  That way if a certain item is out of stock, and you already have 9 items, you can grab your back up filler to fill in that last spot to make an even 10 and get your $5 off.

– Before you leave the store, check your receipt.  Usually at the bottom there will be a line that says “[+] = a number”  If you did it right, that number should be 10, 20, 30, etc.  If not, talk to customer service to see if you can get more items the right number to get your final $5 off.

That’s all I can think of for suggestions for the sale.  If you have a method you like to use, please share!  Happy Shopping!


1/27 edit:  Changed what you need to enter in the Event Sale Price column.  I haven’t used this spreadsheet in a while, and forgot how it worked.  It is corrected above what you need to enter.

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