Buy 4, Save $4, Tell 4, Save $4 More at Fry’s!

7 Jan



I’m a couple days late on this, but I’m just getting through my e-mails after my travel home.  This week at Fry’s (and Kroger family stores), there is a Buy 4, Save $4 sale on P&G products.  If you Tell 4 friends, you get a $4 digital coupon loaded directly on to your VIP card to be used on your next shopping trip.

So first, you go here and load a P&G coupon onto your VIP card.  After you load it to you card, it will take you to a screen to enter in 4 names and e-mail addresses.  After you enter those, it will load the $4 digital coupon VIP card.  Thank you Fry’s for the $4!

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