Pumpkin carving!

29 Oct

I participate in the Disney Movie Rewards program, and they always have some free rewards.  For Halloween, one of the free rewards was downloadable templates for pumpkin carving with Disney characters.  I had a set of the pumpkin carving tools I bought a few years ago, but no patterns left, so this was the perfect find.  I went through with my older daughter, and she picked out Jack Skellington from Nightmare Before Christmas, or “Scary Christmas” as she refers to it.   The time consuming part was his mouth, but otherwise it wasn’t too bad.  My girls were very pleased with the results.  Of course, I can’t find our light for it, so I will have to get one.

And for those of you not familiar with Jack Skellington, here is a clip of him in Nightmare Before Christmas.  It’s been too long since we’ve watched this movie!

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