Coin Sorting Activity

12 Sep

This is another activity that was inspired by something from Pinterest.  It was a picture of a coin sorting activity using a snack divider tray.  K was bored after dinner one night and we had a ton of change that I needed to count and put in rolls.  I don’t have the snack divider tray shown in the picture, but I do have a 4 section glass plate that I believe was a wedding gift.  I put a coin in each section to show her what coin goes in that section.  Then, she started sorting the coins.

We didn’t get very far that night, K was tired from her day at school, but we picked it up the next morning.  We finished the sorting, then she started counting it into stacks of 10 so I could wrap it.  We worked on it a few times throughout the day, I think all the counting was wearing her out!

We ended having $52 in coins!  We will take it to the bank this week to deposit into savings for the girls.

One Response to “Coin Sorting Activity”

  1. Jen Decker September 12, 2011 at 7:47 pm #

    LOOOOVE it!!! I’m not a project-y kind of mom but Jack has a huge jar of change we’ve been saving up since he was a baby. I love that he can learn the different coins – he currently calls nickels and quarters “quarters” and dimes are “diamonds.” (Talk about a heart attack when he said he “stole the diamond” off my nightstand!!) Plus, he can practice counting!


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