Time to Order Bountiful Baskets!

5 Sep

Even though it’s a holiday, it’s still contribution time for Bountiful Baskets!  Here are the extra offerings this week:

  • 9 Grain Bread – 5 loaves – Contains Wheat. Baked in a facility with nuts – $10.00 ea
  • Bountiful Baskets Granola – 2 lbs, Oats, Honey, canola oil, roasted & salted cashews, dates, diced pineapple, sunflower seeds – $10.00 ea
  • ORGANIC Nectarines – Approx 18 Lb place pack – California – $21.00 ea
  • Fruit Lovers Pack – Add an additional pack of fruit to your regular basket! – $10.00 ea
  • ORGANIC 100% Honey Whole Wheat Bread – 5 pack -$12.00 ea
  • Thompson Naturals Grapes (seedless) – Approx 19 Lb – Good for eating or raisins! This grape has a very high sugar content! – $20.00 ea
I decided to order just a regular basket this week.  I’m excited to see what I’ll get!
If you want to participate, go here to find the site closest to you: https://contributions2.bountifulbaskets.org/

One Response to “Time to Order Bountiful Baskets!”

  1. Amanda @ BB Weightloss Blog September 17, 2011 at 5:40 pm #

    Oh, I should have gotten the flat of grapes! I love them frozen for snacking or dessert. I was going to get them this week, but they weren’t offered. 😦 I’m hoping they come back, cuz they’re delicious.


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