Farmer’s Market Finds: 6/6/2013

6 Jun

We had a lot of fun at Farmer’s Market today!

First, we stopped at the Basic Farm 7 table.  Christie had one of her male baby goats, Tiny Tim, at the market with her today, and she let my kids bottle feed him.  She also had onions, feta cheese, jams and jellies, soaps, and lotions.  I got 8 oz of feta cheese for $4 and a bar of unscented soap with goat’s milk for $5.  Here is a picture of my oldest bottle-feeding Tiny Tim:

Feeding Tiny Tim

Next, we stopped at the Hana’s Japanese Bakery table.  She has a variety of baked items and this week had fresh Japanese green tea leaves.  We chose a bag of black sesame cookies and a bag of lemon cookies.  The cookies are $3 each, or $5 when you buy 2, so that’s why we bought 2 to pay $5.

Next, we headed to the Sanctuary Farms table.  She gave us some samples of her chevre and truffles.  Both are very good!  We bought 4 oz of chevre with garlic and chives for $4.  Next week, I think we’ll be buying some of her truffles, yum!

The girls were hungry, so we headed to a new food truck to the Farmer’s Market, J’s Kitchen.  I have heard a lot of good things about her food, so we finally tried it today.  She had samples of mango and avocado salad and banana and brown sugar spring rolls.  Both were delicious!  We got an order of chicken rice noodles and 6 pork spring rolls, plus 2 bottles of water, all for $8.50.

After we sat to eat, I got Hawaiian shaved ice from the Big Woody’s food truck.  We got the small size, which were $2.50 each.  The girls wanted a rainbow of flavors, and it was really tasty and a nice cool treat on a hot day.

K eating her Hawaiian shaved iceS eating her Hawaiian shaved ice





While we ate, we listened to banjo music by Don Van Palta.  He let both girls come up and play a song with him.

K playing banjoS playing banjo





Finally, we picked up a quart size bag of fresh blackberries from Bob Dirks, who was at the Information booth.  They were $8, and are delicious!

So, here is a picture of all the goodies from today.  Quart size bag of blackberries, garlic and chive chevre, feta cheese, soap with goat’s milk, black sesame cookies, and lemon cookies.

Farmer's Market Finds: 6/6/2013

Looking forward to having fun again next week, and seeing what other goodies we can find!

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