FarmBox Fresh: 9/5/2012

6 Sep

This week, I was excited to have 14 other people get FarmBoxes!  Slowly keeps growing here!

Here is what I chose this week in my custom box:


This week, I chose radishes, the big ol’ beef tomato, Bartlett pears, green leaf lettuce, green chile peppers, Gala apples, Khorasan sandwich bread, baguette, and rhubarb.  I’m really looking forward to making something with the rhubarb, pie or a crisp, maybe with strawberries.  My girls are loving the pears and apples, and will devour the radishes.  I used the bread and tomato with some cheese for a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich.  The baguette is really good as well, I might spray with olive oil, rub with garlic, and broil it.  Or, just eat it, it’s great like the rest of their bread.


Note: I order a custom box and choose what I want in my box from their Web Store.  There may be variances in availability on different pick up days.

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