Basket Breakdown – 6/9/2012

13 Jun

This week, I was busy teaching a Child Passenger Safety Technician class, so a friend picked up for me.  I didn’t get a chance to take a nice picture of my basket, so I am borrowing one from Cheryl D. again this week.  I got a conventional basket and Tropical Granola this week.

This week brought us kale, plums, bananas, acorn squash, pineapple, apricots, tomatoes, apples, altaulfo mangoes, celery, mixed melon (cantaloupe and honeydew hybrid), and cucumber.

In case you are wondering about the mixed melon, here is a picture of it cut.  This one looks like a honeydew on the outside, but orange like a cantaloupe on the inside.

I was so excited to get plums!  I love this time of year when plums are in season and cheap.  We are big fans of plums.  It’s nice to have a something besides just apples to snack on.  And the apricots have been good as well, anxiously awaiting the nectarines and peaches to start coming in the baskets.

Last year, with the acorn squash, I made a really yummy wild rice and sausage stuffing for them.  I will be making it this week and sharing the recipe soon.  The cucumber I will slice and make Refrigerator Pickles.  I will probably also make Kale Chips again.

I also got the Tropical Granola.  It contains oats, honey, brown sugar, macadamia nuts, coconut, pineapple, and papaya.

I haven’t gotten the granola in a while, and I had forgotten how good it is!  Well, the Tropical is good, but there is one I’m not a big fan of, I think it’s the Original.  I’m wishing I had ordered more again this week, but I didn’t since I was already getting a couple other extras.

Note: The type and amount of food may vary from another basket because of geographic location and because of variances in how case ends are distributed once everything is distributed evenly. Cheryl D. also volunteered and got an extra item for volunteering.

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