Keeping a Freezer Inventory

16 Apr

Since I got my deep freeze, I’ve been wanting a way to be able to keep track of what is in it.  It’s a chest freezer, so things can get lost at the bottom pretty easily.  I looked at some examples online of freezer inventory sheets, and then put together one the way I wanted it. I have a column for the date, a column for the item, then 10 columns for quantity.  The quantity columns have a \ to show what has gone in, then when I take an item out, I cross that line, making an X.  The picture below is a little blurry, but gives you an idea, and you can find the actual document here to download and use in Microsoft Excel.

Since I was printing it out, I typed in what I already have.  I will add other items by hand, then will print a new sheet when this one fills up.  I have this on a clipboard with a pen hanging on a 3M hook above my freezer in the garage.  It’s not real pretty, but it’s functional for what I need.

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