Basket Breakdown – 3/24/2012

24 Mar

This week was the first week running the new site I helped to open.  We didn’t find out until Monday that we were on for this weekend, so it was a little hectic this week making sure we had everything together.  We had some great volunteers show up this morning, who helped us keep things on track when the truck was running a little late this morning.  We had a lot of fun, a couple of kinks to work out, and looking forward to the future at this site!  Plus, with a view like this, who can complain on a sunny day at the site?:

Here is what we had this week.  Please note that in my picture, I have an extra romaine lettuce and 2 extra green onions from a friend that didn’t want those items.

Granny smith apples, bananas, pineapple, canary melon, minneolas, Romaine lettuce, asparagus, green onions, cherry tomatoes, cauliflower, and green beans.  Very pleased with today’s basket!  My youngest was so excited that I had Toy Story apples.  I’m working on my meal plan for the week, hopefully will get it posted tomorrow.

Note: The type and amount of food may vary from another basket because of geographic location and because of variances in how the ends of produce cases are distributed after everything has been distributed evenly.  I also volunteered this week and got 1 extra item for volunteering.

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