W.H.A.L.E. Program

13 Oct

Since I do not have a job that being a Child Passenger Safety Technician Instructor is a part of, it sometimes is difficult to find opportunities to do community events.  Back in July, I was contacted by the San Pedro Kiwanis to help them at a Back to School Fair in our city.  The Kiwanis Club does a number of community outreach programs for kids, and one of those is the WHALE program.  WHALE stands for We Have a Little Emergency, and is used to help emergency personnel care for a child in a crash if the parents can’t speak for the child.  The first sticker is a bright-colored sticker, and you put the child’s name, any allergies or medical conditions, and emergency contact names and phone numbers.  Then, there are 2 stickers that say WHALE that go on each side of the car seat to let emergency personnel know to look for the information sticker.  The last 2 stickers say WHALE as well and go in the rear vehicle windows, again to let emergency personnel know to look for the information sticker.  At the Back to School Fair, they wanted CPSTs available to do car seat checks along with putting these stickers on car seats.  At that event, there was another CPST and myself, and we checked and put WHALE stickers on 13 car seats.  Then, the Kiwanis Club contacted me again about doing a car seat check event to distribute more WHALE stickers.  This time we had 4 CPSTs and one of the CPSTs had recently obtained a number of car seats, so we had car seats available to give to people who came with no seat, an expired seat, or an outgrown seat.  We got 20 seats checked and stickers on that day, 10 of which were new seats we gave out that day.  It was a really great event, and the Kiwanis Club members are a great group of people to work with.  Hopefully we’ll be able to have another event in the spring to continue to get the WHALE stickers out there and to make sure seats are properly installed to keep kids safe in the car.

Here is a picture of some of the seats we had that day.

And here is a scan of a picture and blurb in the local paper of myself showing one of the moms that came in for a car seat check how to check for proper harness tightness at the shoulder.

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