Roasted Broccoli

25 Sep

I have been meaning to try this for a while, but hadn’t gotten around to it.  So, when I needed to find sides for the teriyaki chicken I had marinading to grill, I remembered the broccoli in the fridge I needed to use.  Add in some brown rice, and it was a perfect meal.  How do I know?  Both girls ate some of everything, mostly the broccoli!

Roasted Broccoli

1 bunch broccoli (about 1.5 lbs)
1-2 Tbsp olive oil
Garlic salt

Cut broccoli into bite-size florets.  Add to a bowl, toss with the olive oil and season with garlic salt to your taste.  Line a baking sheet with foil and add seasoned broccoli to the baking sheet.  Bake at 350 F for 10-15 minutes, or until the broccoli is tender and starting to brown.

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